Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Winter Strikes Back ... With a Vengeance!

Well, I think that winter is REALLY here now, right now we have about 8 to 10 inches of snow on the ground, and more is coming down!

Lots of places have been closing early today. When I was done at work it was a messy, slippery drive home.

I shoveled some snow when I got home from work, there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground at the time. About an hour later you couldn't even tell I shoveled anything!

The good thing about the snow is that when it snows, the temperature is usually a little warmer than it was. The wind chills today were actually above zero! Woo Hoo! (Yes, there is a hint of sarcasm here)

Snow Days
Alana had a snow day today, but I heard that Oscar had to go to school today. That is a little unusual in that we are about 40 miles south of Oscar ... they usually get the most snow, but the snow is coming from the south in this storm.

Alana usually doesn't want to miss school, but she is OK with it if she knows that she won't miss anything.

Alana is off again tomorrow ... so is Oscar this time!


amy & jesse phillips said...

I was trying to explain to my cousin in Florida that it is warmer here even with all the snow =) It's pretty snow and I may even have a snow day from service and work tomorrow! - I feel like Alana!

George Lazarides said...

Yeah, yeah, I forgot to say how warm it really is here! ;-)

I am hoping for a Snow Day from work tomorrow ... but I don't think I'll get it. :'-(

Brandon Moore said...

Athough it would be nice to actually miss a day of work, I would rather not have the snow day. We did have a couple hurricane days, a couple years ago, which was very interesting. But it is not like you can run around outside and make hurricane-men and angels (as opposed to snowmen and snowangels)

vicki giarrano said...

good one brandon! you are quite funny! you do like to ski dont you? i know beej does. its really pretty when you can stay inside and watch the snow...unlike a hurricane!!!!!

Apryl Moore said...

Sounds like you're having quite a time with the snow. I'm looking forward the the chilly weather this weekend. Should be in the 30's for a short time and the high is only to be in the low 60's. It would be nice to see some snow. But we all know that won't happen and by next month we'll be back in the 80's.