Monday, February 05, 2007

Cold Weather

What is the warmest temperature that you would feel the need to wear a heavy coat?







0's - yeah right :-)

The weather up here in Ohio has actually been down right cold!, it got a few degrees below zero last night. I feel that anything below the 20's is cold, and below zero ... well that's just too cold! Last nights wind chills were in the -20's (maybe even colder, but I didn't see it) ... yes, that's in the negative twenties!

I guess that is the price we have to pay for the mild temperatures the past several months when we rarely had to turn on the heat or air conditioning.


Shanna G said...

i like your poll geo. nice.

Matthew White said...

Might sound wierd, but I kind of wish we got some of that cold weather down here in Florida. Got a little chilly the past week, but it was back up to about 80 last Friday afternoon. We've got it sooo rough down here.... ;-)

Shanna G said...

I don't know where you are at...we here in Orlando are getting in the low 40's tonight! Thats chilly and I used to live up north (I will say though, I was always cold up there too, so for me to be cold here is not that strange.)

Matthew White said...

Here in Jacksonville the lows are in the high 30s. Not cold enough for me, though...

amy & jesse phillips said...

how's 8 but feels like -7? Is that cold enough for ya?

Matthew White said..., actually. I've slept outside when the wind chill was -20. Call me crazy or just plain dumb, I like the cold.