Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Microsoft Buys SysInternals
Say it isn't so! (as I slowly shake my lowered head in disbelief)

Yes, that's right: Microsoft bought SysInternals.

SysInternals has long been a source for excellent software (free and paid) for the Windows and DOS Operating Systems. They even lampooned Microsoft when they made their BlueScreen screen saver that looks like a Windows system crashing and attempting to reboot.

We can only hope that Microsoft does not mess up the software that they have acquired by marring it with required Windows Genuine Advantage compliance/validation, or worse.

Why did Microsoft do it?
I find it hard to believe that Microsoft does not have so little talent or the knowledge of the internal working of Windows, that they couldn't write their own utilities and they had to buy SysInternals.

Instead I think that the existence of SysInternals (and the quality software they produced to fill the void of Microsoft offerings) was a slap in the face to Microsoft and it may be that they wanted to get rid of the free software maker, and this is the easiest way. They didn't do it for the consumers (IMHO history has proven that time and again), they only seem to do these sorts things if they feel it will profit Microsoft itself.

I hold high hopes for this union, but at the same time I also have low expectations. In the end, we will just have to take what we can get.

Maybe this is a sign to move on to Linux.

What to do...
I am not sure how things will actually turn out, but from my limited knowledge of Microsoft I suggest that you get what utilities you need from SysInternals while they are still available in an unmolested form.

Once Microsoft starts messing with the SysInternals software I am pretty sure that they will dumb them down considerably, cripple them, and/or put lame requirements on the possession/installation/use of the software.

So, go forth and download all of the original SysInternals software you may need ... and do it now! For tomorrow it could all be different.

Friday, July 07, 2006

My Web Site
I have had a Web Site since 1996, it currently resides at

Unfortunately, since the birth of my children, I have not had time to keep up the computer tips on that site the way I used to. It has become a repository for links more than a site for getting current tips.

I see so many people now using their blogs to post tips and tricks, but it is just something that I have not tried yet.

I may start to transfer some of my old tips to my blog, then start adding new tips also. I will probably do it on both sites for a while to see which way I like it better. The only thing is that I have precious little time to do it.