Monday, June 05, 2006

I Am Feeling Old
I'm usually not one to dwell on my age, or the fact that I'm not getting any younger ... even tho I will be turning 40 this year!

But something struck me today, and it hit like a ton of bricks:
I married my wife in 1993, that's thirteen years this year, and the time has flown by very quickly (which speaks to the fact that I really enjoy being with my wife, after all: Time flies when you are having fun!).

That length of time didn't bother me until, after reading this story in our local newspaper, I realized that the kids that started kindergarten in 1993 are graduating from high school right now!

When I thought about that length of time in terms of those milestones, it really impressed on me how much time has gone by.

Hopefully I still have more years in front of me than behind me.

Speaking of Milestones
Our daughter, Alana (the oldest of our two children), is starting kindergarten later this year too!

It's amazing how old that makes me feel!