Thursday, December 10, 2015

Polite Conversation

I'm not pretending to be perfect.  I myself have committed some social missteps (especially in my younger years).  My unconventional humor allowed my mouth to speak before my brain could shut it up (I apologize to anyone I may have offended).  As time has marched forward my humor has mellowed to a more socially acceptable level.

With that being said...

I have heard that there are two topics of conversation that you should try to avoid around the dinner table: Religion, and Politics.

Maybe that should be the rule of thumb for Facebook posts, too!

I understand that there are highly volatile and polarizing topics that are being thrown in our faces everyday, but I think those seemingly overwhelming issues are blinding us to the little things that can be changed that could make life much more pleasant.

How many people do you think that you are going convert to your way of thinking by posting your far-right, far-left, or religious views on Facebook?  I'll tell you how many: zero.

If you think that you are just letting others that think like you know that they are not alone, trust me, they already know it ... that's why there are entire cable channels devoted to different ways of thinking, because there are enough people watching them to support them.

As for your inspirational posts, or "copy and paste this into your status" posts, or your "can I have 1,000,000 likes on this" posts: Quit junking up my feed!

Now for all of those recipe posts ... never mind, some of those are actually okay. :-)

The only thing you are doing is getting people to remove your posts from the main 'Home' Facebook feed.  Short of you engaging in some of the faux-pas above, the people who 'Friend' you may actually like you, don't ruin it.

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George L. said...

Ugh, I can't believe that I got sucked into a political argument about a week ago at a family dinner! I have got to try harder!