Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Alana & Owen's 1st Day of School

Alana and Owen going down the street and getting on the bus in the morning for the first day of school.

Owen was nervous until he had orientation the day before, now he seems to like it!

Alana was, well, she always likes school. She even scored so high on on her tests last year that she was asked to join the gifted and talented program ( ).


George Lazarides said...

Oh, I almost forgot:
This is the first time since Alana was born in 2001 that Andrea has about 8 hours of quiet time each day that the kids are in school ... must be nice!

Shanna G said...

The kids look really adorable. Hope they enjoy school this year!! Miss you guys. Love, Aunt Shanna

vicki giarrano said...

Both of the kids look soooo cute. Alana is sure growing up! you are gonna have your hands full with the guys!!

vicki giarrano said...

Tell Owie his eyes REAlly pop out when I see him in blue! He will know what i am talking about!! he looks sooo handsome!!