Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alana - Off To School

Who do you think is happier when the kids go back to school?

The parents

The kids

Both equally

Today is Alana's first day of 2nd Grade!

She was ready to go back, but even she seems nervous about the fact that every one of the 2nd Graders in the neighborhood is in her class.  That's four kids who have had more than enough of each other, in the same class room!  Nothing good will come of this!  (I feel sorry for the teacher)

There were two other 2nd Grade classes in her school, they could have split the kids up a little bit better!

Oh, well, we will see how the first day turns out.

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vicki giarrano said...

hi there! this is the first time to be at this site!! love it!! you are sooooo funny! love you!!