Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Li'l Girl is Getting Bigger

I have not been putting anything in here recently because (as most of you know) we have been remodeling our bathroom the last couple of months.

But I just thought I'd say how Alana is reading! It is the coolest thing, I used to read to her every night before she went to bed, but now we take turns reading!

It really made an impression on me a couple of months ago when I gave her "Green Eggs and Ham" to read to me ... and she did it! Now you have to realize that "Green Eggs and Ham" is the book that I read to both of the kids while they were still in they're mommy's tummy, and quite a bit after they were out, too. So I was somewhat emotional when Alana read it to me.

And now Alana's kindergarten teacher seems quite impressed with Alana's reading skills and says she is reading above her grade level. Of course we are quite proud of our little girl.


Kimberly France said...

Aww, that's so cool and sweet!

Erica Ambrosio said...

It is so good and cool. Congratulations Alana!

amy & jesse phillips said...

so exciting! great blog!

Barbara Castro said...

how tender!!!! a beautiful memory to cherish!!!!! if i remember correctly the dr had you tell that story to owen so they could try to get a better ultra sound - it worked!!!!

George Lazarides said...

Wow! Yeah, I forgot about that Barb!

They needed to make sure he was active in Andrea's belly, but he might have been asleep, so not much was registering.

Then I started reciting Green Eggs and Ham from memory (both kids seemed to like that story when they were in their mommy's tummy), and his activity went way up! Thus avoiding an early trip to the hospital.