Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Genre: Rock
Artist:The Beatles
First of all let me preface this with some information to give you my perspective: I like The Beatles ... a lot, and I might be a little too much of a purist to give this 'Mash Up' of their old songs a fair shake.

The Beatles - "LOVE" album has just been released. It is mostly a 'Mash Up' (re-mixing and combining) of their other songs.

After listening to the album I have to say that it didn't sound bad, but I found myself longing to hear the unadulterated versions of the songs.

Sometimes they would mix the guitar of one song and the vocals of another song, and they usually pulled it off ... it sounds good. But having known what the original songs sound like, it would occasionally sound as though a couple of people both had their radios on and each one playing a different Beatles song at the same time.

Some of the songs transition into each other, which has an overall effect that is just 'OK' for me.

There are some things in the album nobody has heard before, and that even Ringo says he had forgotten about recording, this is probably the biggest reason to listen to the album.

All in all I would say that the album is worth a listen. If you are a purist about your music, you may be disappointed. If you are just a Beatles fan, you might like it.

For me it just left me wanting to hear the original versions.

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