Thursday, July 22, 2004

(from my 'Soapbox' that I'm moving here to my blog)...

Green (environmentally friendly) Fuels and Cars

I don't know why people still need to be dependent on oil from the ground to produce the fuels we need to get through our daily lives. There are other options, some of which are proven to work not only in practice but also in business.

Wait ... I take it back, I do know why we are so dependent on oil: Oil Companies and certain politicians make too much money from oil for them to promote something that is good for the planet!

Oh, well. Here are some links to a few environmentally friendly fuels and cars that you may not know about. Some are here and now, and some hope to become main stream, while others are still trying to live up to the hype they create.

Thermo-Depolymerization (Thermal Conversion Process) creates oil from just about anything

Biodiesel is a diesel fuel from vegetation



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