Friday, November 07, 2003

Andrea's grandmother had to go through her operation to replace the mechanical valve in her heart on Wed Nov 05, 2003, they had less than an hour's notice. They had to take her or risk losing use of her kidneys or she could die.

Her first Doc backed out in the beginning, the second one (supposedly the best in the country) backed out the morning of the 5th (neither of them wanted to do it with out using blood).

Finally a resident at the Cleveland Clinic did it "against his better judgement." It took 2 hours less than they said it would, and there was "minimal blood loss" and it went "as well as they could have hoped."

The next day (11/06/2003) they said she was the healthiest person on the recovery floor, I guess people who do not have blood administered recover faster. She even got some functionality of her kidneys back.

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